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The Social Framework

A sense of responsibility is paramount, and helps maintain a high success rate.
A positive atmosphere is maintained (anti-social behavior and any form for bullying are viewed very seriously). A good milieu for studying is aimed at: the school has invested heavily in computer technology, and a new library facility has been built.
The work of the students' council is actively supported.

Cultural arrangements also have a high priority: musicals are put on every second year, alternating with classical performances and plays. Performances are open to the town.
Theme lessons - both cross-subject and specifically pedagogical are permanent features of the school year.

International contacts are  important in the school's efforts to look outward. Excursions both domestic and abroad are obligatory activities for all students (classes have visited Ireland, Cyprus, Rome, London, Berlin, Athens - as well as Copenhagen).

At the same time, the school strives to maintain its connection to the local community (eg joint membership on the board of the local Open University.)