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Aims and Principles

In General

The school aims at giving each student an all-round education as well as preparing him or her for higher education.

To achieve this purpose, the school strives to provide a secure and creative framework so the students can develop optimally. The school puts a priority on students acquiring both personal insight and a mutual understanding and respect, as well as a sense of responsibility for themselves and others at the school. The school aims at developing the students' sense of commitment, creativity, independence, and awareness of democracy.

Particular Goals

The school day starts its general lessons at 7.45 am and ends at 14.50 pm. It is important not to extend this time span - in order to give room for optional creative activities (eg art, sports, music etc.) to take place outside these hours.
Students and teachers work together to plan, carry out, and evaluate lessons. Team-teachers co-ordinate work in the classes and take on a special responsibility. Bridge-building teams organise introductory classes for prospective candidates from the lower secondary schools in the area.

Open days and evenings are held to provide opportunities for future students, their parents, and teachers from the lower secondary schools to see the school and discuss aims, standards, and methods.